June 6, 2008

The Yard Sale.

I've been putting it off for WAY too long. The yard sale. We've out grown so many toys and clothes that we are being engulfed by piles and piles of it. "I can hear you honey, but I can't see you!?" It is an effort to go out the front patio and requires much maneuvering and playing "Rubic's House". Enough is enough! I'm done! So Aunt Cookie will join us for some coffee and a sale and hopefully some fun clay time as well as her much coveted "Brownie Briquettes!" just for Robert. I hear tell she may even have some of her famous moon pies, if we are good!! With all the clearing out I've only had a few minutes of bead time but I did list a few items in the etsy shop and a lot of sale items!

OH! Thanks everyone for the great romantic movie pics! My Netflix que will be even longer! Congrats to Libby! Please send your info to gaea@gaea.cc and I'll send out a bead treat! Monday will be another giveaway! Have a great weekend!


Libby said...

YAY Me! I'm so tickled I won! This will officially be my very first ceramic art bead! I've admired your work for a long time and couldn't be happier. Thanks so much! email's on the way.

And thanks to Lorelei for the gentle slap upside the head:)

Gaea said...

You are so welcome! Enjoy!