June 24, 2008


I'm procrastinating on the cleaning. Finding things like blogs to look and and etsy stuff to sigh over. I know that if I just clean the house I can welcome friends and enjoy a few well deserved hours of jewelry play time. It always feels so much better in a clean house. I did "manage" to find time to take photos of some other new pendants...

I often have things listed on my web site that I only have an idea for. These small round bird frames are one of those things. I had photos of other, larger square and round bird frames but not this very small 1" size. I have become enamoured with tiny.

These new customizable hearts had been on the drawing board since December or January. I'd hoped to debut them before valentines day. I guess I'm just early for next year. Yah! That's it!

This was supposed to be fired with the other Love Wish pendants.
Happy Tuesday all! Do something nice for yourself today!

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