August 23, 2007

Fun new things.

I'm getting closer to the firing date and realizing that my plate is rather full and am busting with new ideas. First, I would have to thank my dear friend and SOON TO BE FELLOW BLOGER (do you think she got the hint?) Joelle, for brainstorming some great new ideas. Her big boy and my big boy are almost the same age (two weeks apart) and her guy just lost his first tooth! Yay!I have to say it is an exciting event and you would never believe such a tiny thing could cause such a fuss as well as so many emotions. She captures it exactly with her poem...


He bounds at me
Mom look!
So I do
And there it is
In the picket fence
Of his upturned smile
A hole
Bloody and ragged.
Come see!
He shouts
So I do
And there it is
A tooth
Impossibly tiny.
A tooth
That almost made me
Give up breast feeding
When he was four months old.
And now this.
I never did like that tooth.

More later on the fun new ideas...

August 11, 2007

It was bound to happen.

I guess all the stress of the week finally caught up with me. I now have the flu with a fever and raw throat. At least my packages have been shipped out so nothing is pressing. I did have a few packages come back underposted. Darn it! I just can't remember the new postage rules. Is it an envelope or a package? The gal measuring it wasn't convincing me that it was oversized! Hmmm... Judgement call. I was supposed to bring my jewelry to a small local event today and spent this week making loads of earrings because I thought they would be well recieved. I almost forced myself to go, I was looking forward to this event but Robert convinced me that I wouldn't be a good idea. Disapointing for sure, but for the better. I guess I will have them for next time. It has been on my project list to add some earrings to the web site so now at least I have the time to photograph them and get them on a page! These are some of the old style earrings. The new ones have wacky wire wraps and no dangling glass beads...

August 8, 2007


It has been quite a week and weekend. My big boy has been sick this week. First with a fever and flu and now a cough. Lots of catch up work to be done around the house like the pile of laundry that is taller than a 6 year old... dead printers, disrespectful neighbors (Yes. We mind if you water our plants and for the third time, stay off our property!). We did manage to have some fun at the county fair. Calder rode the rides, ate the ice cream and won a second prize for his water color titled "Sea Monsters Hand In The Jar". I wonder if anyone reads the titles? No prizes for my photos but it is still fun to see all the great photos and points of view. We had corn dogs, the real reason we go to the fair! My mom has never had a corn dog. Never. Not even accidentally. You just haven't lived. I know they are hideous. I can't help it...Melanie, would you make me a corn dog charm? : ) Mom did win 6 blue ribbons for her poety! Go Mom!

P.S. My girl Noli looked so sweet I had to post her pic to brighten my day!