November 28, 2007

I went a little crazy....

More than a little crazy actually! Usually we are thrift store shoppers all the way, with the exception of the holidays. And yes I went a little crazy. At Target. For the kids. I was going to take it easy. Really. But when your better half is saying go for it! It's for the kids! HAVE FUN! So, I did. And now I'm thinking I should take half of it back. And I will. REALLY. I guess I'd better get to all that glazing then...

November 15, 2007

Gobble. Gobble.

Gobble. What is it about the holidays that, for weeks in advance, makes me think that I can have free license with the food? I know there is so much of it out there but I just can't say no. Here is a list of things that have been gobbled by me in recent days: Trader Joe's Ginger Cookies, Trader Joe's Pastry wrapped brie and raspberry jelly rolls, Trader Joe's Confused Chips. Of course all with a good cup o' joe. Tee he hee! This will just keep on rolling until New Years. Dang it! Speaking of Gobbling... We have a family of raccoons living and surviving very nicely on our dog food. I've had to store it in the house for now as they are fond of knocking over everything in the car port to get at it. Above is a photo of one of the little rascals caught in the act. They also like to rumble around on the roof at night. They are not a quite animal.

November 11, 2007

Pack Rat.

It occurred to me today that I am a terrible pack rat. It must run in the family as my father has kept all my drawings from when I was a kid as seen in my last post. I do the same for my kids and can't imagine just getting rid of that precious moment. Is keeping all this stuff for historical reasons or am I just too sentimental to let it go. A bit of both. I also found what has to be, my first beaded necklace. I can clearly remember receiving the heart shaped pendant as a gift from my dad's girlfriend and picking out the tiny pink glass beads (they have since faded to a silvery color) from the local "general" store, a TG & Y. I even remember stringing them on the sewing thread. We lived in a canyon far from our little town and there were no kids around to play with. Entertainment was entirely up to me. Songs sung into an old tape recorder. Walks to the creek for swiming. Making clothes for the family of kittens that lived nearby. But I remember how fun and frustrating stringing the necklace was. The tiny beads eluding the string. I was 6 at the time. Life in a tiny town in the 1970's. Lots of fun to remember and ideas to share with the littleones. The holidays are quickly upon us and with them many opportunities to create... our own history, rituals and many, many things to be packed away for us to share and remember...

November 7, 2007

Ahhh! Dates on the calander are closer than you think!

How do families do it? I have been wondering how in the world do people manage the holidays on a less than Rocker-feller budget? Not that we are an overindulgent group but I have noticed that living expenses are skyrocketing! I am a thrift store gal (Melanie... any room on that sheet for a "Queen of the Thrift" . Always have been, always will be. It's not that I'm cheep or don't understand when to spend the money. I just love a deal and can't always afford to take the kiddies to the toy store. My cherished friend Jennifer and I discuss this all the time. The thrill of the bargain! Her hubby can't stand to hear about her bargain finds and views it as somehow tainted. So we girlishly thrill each other with our latest bargains and how good they were! I'll find myself calling her from the middle of Target leaving bread crumb messages about what our cities store has that she just must have. "JEN! Cute sandals in a size 11 at Target! Call me!"

I tend to make our family gifts and realistically I know the holidays are about sharing time with loved ones and it isn't about the money or gifts but with the holidays looming and our families growing and budgets shrinking, How does your family make it through the holidays? This year has been a wonderful year, don't get me wrong but a little financial planning never hurt anyone! How do you do it?

My dad had found these old drawings from when I was about 7 or 8. As some are holiday related I thought they fit the topic. I do love how I drew everyone as cats! Did you know I changed my name to "Marlane" when I switched schools in 4th grade?!?!

November 6, 2007

Work, work, work.

And play a little too! I took the kidlettes to see "Bee Movie" It was cute and Jerry Seinfeld is great! I couldn't tell if the last 20 minutes were just a bit over the top or I'm completely sleep deprived. Even for an animated feature, I just suddenly couldn't take anymore of the unplausableness of it. Let's just say I liked the first hour and (no pun intended) let it bee. I am still in LOVE with Ratatouille! Give me any movie with France or food in it and I'm all over it! Amalie! LOVE it.

I am so looking forward to Thanks Giving! I want to spend time with my big boy and girl and just make food and sleep in late and visit with Aunt Kookie (She has a lot on her plate) pun intended! My problem is that I stay up too late and then end up not sleeping in. Which requires more and more caffeine to keep me up and running. Then I become a stressed out mess and start having the dang heart palpitations again!!! Vicious cycle... I love my coffee... Speaking of which... Art Bead Scene is having it's monthly challenge and this month (November) it is Coffee Haus! So if you have any beaded coffee related jewelry submit it and you may win a cool prize (see the Art Bead Scene for details!)

I am really pleased with the new little "Frames" that will be coming out of this next firing... Check back for color photos shortly! Happy Fall!!!