February 20, 2015

Tribal and Birds and Stripes! OH MY! New Designs!

Can I confess something? I am not always fond of glazing. Of course I love opening the kiln to find what the kiln gods have permitted, but the work of glazing can be tedious and repetitive. Of course when you hit on an idea that feels fun and new, that feeling of tedious work falls by the wayside and you want to do it over and over again…. and for me, these new modern tribal designs are fun to glaze and I couldn't wait to pull them out of the kiln! These new bead sets and a few of the new copper flower birds will be listed at gaea.indiemade.com today at noon PST. There are also some spring inspired sets too!

February 7, 2015


Is it spring yet? Not according to Punxsutawney Phil. But if you live in Southern California, you know better. Walking and hiking and gathering inspiration has been my passion. If it feels like spring and acts like spring, isn't it spring? Paper and ink. Dew drops and color. If you have been stuck inside, surrounded by a world of white, I offer this bit of early spring and the inspiration for my drawings and sketches...

February 6, 2015

Color Is Everything.

I am utterly and totally inspired by spring. More on that later…

I spent this week making sets and enjoying some warm weather. These new sets will be available at my indiemade shop today at noon (pst). I hope you enjoy them!