February 22, 2013

Sweet and Pink

The bows are in the house! Actually, they will be at www.gaea.etsy.com today 2/22 at noon (PST). So much of this firing was soft and sweet and pink. But not all of it...

Enjoy your Friday! 

February 19, 2013

Love Me Nut

That "Love Nut" I carved a few weeks ago came out of the kiln and I am pretty pleased! This works for spring or fall and accepted the glazes happily! Here are a few bead bundles I made with them as well as the "first try" on this design. Both made me happy.

"Love Nut" version 1.

"Love Nut" version 2. 

February 18, 2013

Fit to Be Tied

I tend to make multiple designs when I am creating a new bead or pendant. The first carving  seemed a little small and wasn't having the feel I was looking for. The second bow is a bit larger than the first and had the volume and softness that was in my minds eye. You never know how the final product will be with glaze so both are designs were made and are cooling off....

February 15, 2013

On a Dime...

I am so proud to have two projects in the Spring 2013 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine! The first project is a pair of earrings featuring my paisley earring pairs and drop charms from Thea too (link below) and a second project for their Jewelry on a Dime section. When I sit down to design something, cost is not always at the forefront of my mind. Keeping the cost of the project under $25, as requested, was a challenge for me.  Not that the items featured in my project were all that costly, but every option seemed to put me just over the target. The first project went over by about 10$ so the editors asked if the design could be edited. I couldn't bring myself to pull it apart so they gave me the option to do a similar design. Here was the outcome...

Because the cost of the full strand of gem stone beads put me over the top, I came up with a new plan...

 This design features a heart charm and button from Thea Too www.theatoo.etsy.com and lovely recycled sari silk from www.ribbonsandsilk.etsy.com

February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts and Flowers Day!

Calories must run and hide! It is Valentine's Day! Eat some candy and kiss someone! 

February 13, 2013

World Spinning

My world seems to spin in a regular rotation but occasionally my rotation gets bumped, in a good way! The lovely thing about living in a community with lots of creative people is the chance to collaborate with other artists and crafts people. The project is in the "talking" phase so I don't want to jinx it with too much talk. I can say that the project does involve my clay and drawings. My initial reaction is how am I going to fit one more thing into my life. But when I think about it, how can I not welcome this creative  but slight divergence from the everyday rotation! Emails have been sent! Fingers are crossed!

In other news... This happened in my etsy shop....

February 5, 2013

New Original Designs...

Feeling so springy about spring. February is confident enough to handle more than its fair share of pink and frill so I think it can handle it. These and a few more will be listed at www.gaea.etsy.com today at noon!