June 30, 2011

If You Are In The Area...

If you happen to be in the Brea, California area, please drop by Brea Bead Works for a trunk show! I've spent the last 3 days madly packing and packaging pendants beads and bundles to send out to the lovely folks at Brea Bead Works! I just get giddy when I open up the kiln and pull all the beads out and start playing and designing! Here is what I sent....

Over 40 bundles were sent mounted on cards! I love how finished it all looks!

June 27, 2011

"Attention all campers!"

Imagine traveling to foreign lands (or not so foreign lands) to work on your art...

That is what Angela Ritchie's Ace Camps are all about! Workshops to improve your skills, meet new people and travel!

Sign me up!

June 23, 2011


One of the things about running low on certain colors of beads in the studio is that it forces me to think outside of my usual patterns a bit. I love to keep lots of different colors on hand so that there are a variety of color palates to choose from when making bundles for my etsy shop.

Sometimes I'm in a hardcore shabby chic mood...

And sometimes it feels like ancient times all over again...

Andrew is having.... The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton: Virtual Yard Sale Giveaway...

Another awesome give-away! Yay!

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton: Virtual Yard Sale Giveaway...: "When I was growing up, my parents took their yard sales seriously. (They still do to this day, actually.) We'd wake up early on the weeke..."

June 20, 2011

Staying Focused

We've had fun this last weekend and managed to sneak off to the movies with Robert to see Super 8 which was super, even with a few plot holes! The end of the month is creeping up on me and with it the need to pack up everything and send it off to Brea Bead Works for a trunk show. Unfortunately, most of my inventory is still in Wisconsin at another trunk show. Hmmm... I guess I better be working double time! Also, next weekend is The Lavender Festival, and I'll be sharing a booth with some of my talented mates from Made In Ojai. I have been putting off a lot and now time is not so much on my side. A few of these necklaces were made with my recent silk purchase....

June 14, 2011

Get Out!

It seems like we don't leave the house much but when we do, we go big! We are a family of music lovers and tend to have music playing around the house. Both Robert and I are long time Peter Gabriel fans and couldn't believe he would be performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl, which was one of only 12 dates on his New Blood Orchestra Tour. These performances are unique in that they are mostly his songs, with a few others from artists like Paul Simon and The Magnetic Fields, performed entirely with an orchestra, no guitar, no drums. FANTASTIC! I tend to be highly emotional with live music as it is but was was literally moved to tears within the first 2 minutes, it was just so beautiful! We weren't supposed to take photos during the performance but I took some before...

It was a bit long for a nearly 6 year old but a nearly 10 year old had a great time. We are looking forward to our next family concert...

June 12, 2011

somethinguniquebylana: Just A Little Tease..................................

Jewelry designer Lana Kinney has quite the stash brewing for a giveaway! She will be posting more info soon....

somethinguniquebylana: Just A Little Tease..................................: "Preview Of My Giveaway...... I was suppose to post the giveaway today circumstances beyond my control keep on hindering me from getting th..."

June 11, 2011

A Real Page Turner!

But then again Stringing always is! The summer issue is smashed full of artist beads which makes me so happy! And designer Denise Yezbak Moore gave me the royal treatment with one of her projects titled "Gleefully Gaea"! Thank you, Denise!

June 10, 2011

There In Spirit...

I keep jealously reading about folks that are off to the Bead And Button Show in Wisconsin. It must be an absolute dream to take off for such a fun event. I have yet to do a big bead show like Bead and Button and truth be told I think I'm a bit "ascared" as my little ones will say. How do people leave their families and homes for that long? I did send a big old box of goodies to Eclectica who will be at B&B. If you are there, stop in and say hello! Since like myself, there are many of us who can not make the show I'm offering 10% off in my etsy shop. Just use the code "LOVETOBEAD" at check out.


I had a flash of what I wanted! It was a long, long linked chain with bits of flowery glass. The glass would have to be ceramic. I would love to use silver for this but the cost is just too much. Who would have thought that silver would be as much as it is! It is crazy! Copper is lovely too...

I made these lace beads and the links. It is super long and I love that!

June 8, 2011

All Bundled Up.

Our June gloom is in full effect right now. It is like a second winter on somedays and I heard there was even snow in our local mountains over the weekend. I like being bundled up. So do beads. They are good at playing along!

These beads were bundled up, cozy and warm in my etsy shop.

Some are listed. Some will be soon...

More Mailbox Madness!

I got these in the mail last week. I know. I've been a bad, bad girl. I may have to give my paypal account CPR!

These beauties are from Jade Scott. What a talent!

June 6, 2011


Oh! It was a good day for the mail box! And me! I had ordered some silk sari ribbons from this etsy shop which was recommended by lovely Janet and am in love with them. Also in the mail box were the amazing and beautiful pendants from Andrews giveaway. They practically jumped out of the package and dove into the silk. There was no stopping them!

 This little beauty was from Andrews shop. I saw it posted on his blog and could not resist. In fact he had several that were jumping off the monitor at me and I could have done some serious damage to my paypal account!

Divine. I'm in pendant heaven! Thank you Andrew!

June 3, 2011


DOWN FOR SAFETY!  Just kidding! Post a comment and she is yours!

This garden and flower goddess is no petit flower. She is bold! Like a goddess should be.
Don't forget to send your name and address! Enjoy!

Up next...


I think Lorelei must be psychic! She snagged that butterfly fast! You go girl!

This dream link is a bit on the chunky side but perfect for a bracelet. Glazed front and back...

One freebie per friend please! And don't forget to email your address!

Soon this flower lady could be yours... Soon...

June 2, 2011


Heres the deal, first to comment gets it! I'll be posting a few more this week/weekend! Happy almost summer vacation! Please make sure to email me with your mailing address!

Fly away little butterfly....
And yes, she is an original design, glazed front and back. Not that you'd look a gift horse in the mouth...

June 1, 2011

Attention Target Shoppers...

Just ignore the crazy lady on the coffee maker isle doing the happy dance like there is no tomorrow! Apparently she won Andrew Thorntons SERIOUSLY amazing giveaway! Seriously!

Me: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Joelle: Get out!

Me: I can't believe it!!!!

Joelle: And you get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car!!!

I am is utter shock and totally amazed! SERIOUSLY? Thank you Andrew!

Here are the goods....