March 31, 2009

Free Shipping! No Foolin'!

I met my love 18 years ago on April 1st 1991! As an anniversary specail for all of us April Fools out there, shipping will be free on orders from $1 to $200 that will be shipped with in the continental U.S. from April 1st 2009 to April 6th 2009! And flat rate of $10 shipping on orders over $200. Happy April Fools!

March 30, 2009

The Flea Market...

I used to have a booth at our local flea market about every two months. Since my girl was born I've been, well, busy. But my friend Lynn called me a few weeks back and was wondering if we could share a booth. Lynn is a sculptor and teacher and she was my first ceramic teacher in college and she has some new tiles of her sculptures to display. It was a slow quiet day which was just fine with me as the company and conversation was so wonderful. Her ideas about life and women's rolls in our society are intriguing and reflected in her work. As we were talking I realized that we have known each other for 21 years. We talked about our families, politics, sex in our society, art. I had a great time. I hope we can do it again soon.

On a bead note I found these great glass beads by bead artist Tass Rupp. Her booth was 2 stalls down and her work is delish! I know a certain owl lovin' gal who will want to get her hands on some of these (Lorelei!). Sadly, my email to her bounced and I couldn't locate her etsy shop! Ugh!

March 28, 2009

Hair of the dog...

Not really. But I did have a hair adventure and I certainly feel drunk with love over my new hair cut! I'd heard rumours about this fantastic hair stylist in town. Little murmurs and whispers about this crazy Harley riding chick with a fantastic accent that cut hair from her groovy, green renovated school bus! My friend Geneva had her hair cut and it was fantastic! I just knew who was behind her great do! She handed me her stylists card which depicted a giant green bus sprawled across electric red leopard print on one side and the giant word "Sunny does hair" across the back! I was all over it! As my hair had not been cut in over two years, I decided now was the time! My friend Deina watched the kids and I had a whole hour to get my hair cut! It needed it! Sunny was funny and raucous. The inside of her traveling salon is covered in leopard print and has an turntable for music! Her stylist chair is placed in front of a big mirror. We chatted and laughed about life, men and women. And she cut. And cut. And cut.... and transformed my very long all one length hair into a layered choppy style...

Thanks Sunny!

March 27, 2009

Ohh la la!

I'm a stinker for smells if you know what I mean. Everything from our shampoo and conditioner to our coffee have to smell a certain way to be sure! What's the deciding factor about anything at our house? "HOW DOES IT SMELL?" So, If you can believe it, I had a free moment with out kids yesterday. I made a dash for my favorite coffee house and then took a quick stroll over to our local beauty supply. They have the cutest soaps and perfumes. My recent favorite LoLLia perfume was a gift to myself for Mothers Day last year. This year I have my eye on their new line of perfumes which are pretty budget friendly at $28. Although wanting to buy the entire line is a budget killer! Their newest (new to me at least! I don't get out much!) line is called ToykoMilk and have scents like Paper and Cotton, Let Them Eat Cake and my favorite... Kabuki! There were a few missing from the series that I didn't get to smell so I'll be back. The bottles are the cutest ever and have images of birds, butterflies, THE EIFFEL TOWER! Sadly their their "French Kiss" didn't draw me in, but OH! That bottle! And if there is a second deciding factor about something, it's the divine packaging that will win us over...

March 23, 2009


Due to technical errors (yes. I know how to rewind the video tape!!!!) we had missed an episode of Lost. So, being the junkies we are we went to the abc website and found that you can view the episodes for free!!! You can also have Sawyer give you a nickname! HA! So I followed guide and viola! I am "Moonbeam"! It actually fits me pretty well! So check it out... Lost

March 21, 2009

Data Head...

It is one of the things I just have to be in the mood to do. I've got to be "on fire" to do it actually or really inspired, or really embarrassed about the state of things. Or board. And It is all happening at once for me right now. I'm talking about web site upkeep and design. I LOVE a bit of good graphic design and I'm not the best graphic artist so I rely heavily on my dear heart to keep me focused and uncluttered in my design. I'd been updating the "Day of the Dead" pages of the website with more hand painted beads and color options and the dang thing kept crashing the program so that decided it for me! I have tooooo much on one page! It was too cluttered and I don't think people really knew just how many options and items there were. So I've split them up and given them a more space. It feels special again!

This is the new main "Day of the Dead" page. I've sectioned bits of it off as links to the various areas. Beads, Pendants, Charms and Connectors each have their own page now. I'm going to model this necklace/page link design on the rest of the site. I'm even thinking of asking for people to send me their projects that have used the pendants and give jewelry designers a bit of publicity as well as a bit of inspiration. It is in the beginning stages of design but thought I'd throw that idea out there. If you have an opinion about it please drop a comment in!

March 18, 2009

Winner, winner! Chicken dinner...

Ok. Not a chicken dinner but a bead. Oh! Maybe a chicken bead would be super cute...

So the Random Integer Picker thingy plucked the number 5 out! So congrats to Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry!! Send me your address and I'll send you a goodie!

And how cute is this...

My girl was playing with the clay when I was working and made this fantastic bead! I did the glazing but she molded and stamped it and put the hole in it! Too freaking cute! Then she strung it on a cord and is proudly wearing it!

March 17, 2009


Before having kids, I don't remember St. Patrick's Day being quite as much fun. The way they embrace all things green. The way they, depending on that kids personality, will help or be completely evil to the poor kid who forgot to wear todays sacred color. Most were sweet and some even brought extra "green" things for those who forgot. If they only knew how "pink" they were in their "greenness". So here is a little green for those of you who forgot...

Drink a green one for me!
Happy St. Patty's day!

March 16, 2009

Autumn Leaves Are Falling?

I know it sounds strange that we are not even into Spring yet and I'm thinking about Fall. But that's what happens when you are looking to submit to magazines. And I have some fall-ish plans for these beads and clasp sets. It's funny but I've only designed one project with one of the ceramic clasp sets. Go figure. I really love them and should use them more often... As for the "Tiny Acorn" and "Oak Leaf" beads, I am super excited about them! If they were a bit smaller I'd consider them for earrings (yet another jewelry form that could use more attention!) The charm versions of these are perfect for earrings though so I won't quibble.

So... What season do you love most? How do the seasons effect your designs? Leaf, er, leave a comment and I'll pick a name on Wednesday to win a seasonally appropriate charm or bead!

March 14, 2009


I have to say there was a lot that came out of this last firing that I want to play with. I've pushed my next firing off by a few days so I"ll have time to just play. Time seems to be so tight lately and every minute I get to play with the beads is just delish! Sometimes old designs get a fresh take with a fun new coat of "paint" The Eiffel Tower pendant is one of my faves but didn't inspire much design wise, but I am totally feeling this hand painted version! And as much and the plain round beads are a design hoot, they needed something... I'm thinking of calling them "SOS" beads because of the dash dot pattern. Some have "X's" and "O's" so I may call them the "Hug/Kiss" beads.

March 13, 2009

Be Steal My Heart

My obsession with hearts is at an all time high! Here are a few new heart goodies. I think the titles got the best of me! Teee heee he!!!

March 7, 2009


I had a light bulb moment this week. Sometimes the sparks fly and you are firing on all cylinders other times, well not so much... I'm sure you know what I mean. And sometimes life gives you a reminder that it is ok to ask questions, many of them. I was working on that "Jump, Ring! Jump!" project and there were a few instructions that I'd been given for it. Well, I guess I was expected to buy the jump rings and texture them, but why on earth would I pass up the opportunity to "do it my self" and learn something in the process. Many things actually. So, 10 million handmade jump rings and seven projects later and many calluses and bruises to boot I came to the realization that "store bought" was what was actually required of me. Ohhhhh! That wasn't the light bulb moment though, were getting there... So I'm told that if I redo them with store bought rings and texture those that I can redo the projects and they would be considered. I kick it into high gear and do the research. I'm all over etsy! I'm all over the web! I'm cost comparing! I'm time comparing shipping and my deadline! I'm getting really freaked out that I have to waste all those lovingly pounded and textured jump rings. And then it happens! That light bulb clicks on (I swear I could hear the click!) and thought well If I offer them in my shop then they would be "store bought"! With a flutter in my good hand and a glimmer of hope in my heart I send an email with my proposal! And.... It's a go! If I can offer plain jump rings as well they will accept the projects!!!! So, starting next week I will be offering plain and not so plain jump rings in my shop! Thank you inner light bulb! And not a moment too soon!

March 3, 2009

Back among the living...

Sometimes you just know there is a reason for things happening the way they do. I had gotten my production schedule a bit a head of schedule and the weekend started out pretty good. Great weather, a birthday party and a little time for the family to hang out and have fun. All the fun ended on Saturday night when both of my guys got sick. Then my girl got sick and I was up all night taking care of all three. I thought I was in the clear but apparently the sick bugs had a different plan. Sunday was my turn. UGH! It hit us hard and fast. I've never had a flu bug fly thought a group so fast and I don't ever remember being that sick. All I can say people is stay healthy!

Being that I've been out of the loop for a few days let's just say not much has gotten done. I'll be happy to get the house clean in the next few days and get the next firing finished. So, if you are reading this and waiting for your order, my most sincerest apologies! I'll be back up and running soon!

Keep well!