February 25, 2014

On a Roll...

I am so pleased to have a few projects as well as my disk bead making technique featured in the spring issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry! You can see a preview of this issue here… http://stampington.com/whats-new-coming-soon/Belle-Armoire-Jewelry-Spring-2014

It looks like a great issue!

While you are on their website, check out their submissions guidelines!

February 20, 2014

Indiemade Shop Restock….

New spring inspired sets have landed @ gaea.indiemade.com! Hope you are keeping warm and dreaming of spring…

February 18, 2014

Think Spring.

Not that it ever gets real wintery in these parts but seeing to many frosty images friend are posting on Facebook has made me sympathetic to those in colder climates. What must it be like to be cocooned in a white blanket of winter for weeks on end? These pieces are a warm spring hug to all of those dear ones bundled in winter for 6 more weeks...

Think spring.

February 7, 2014

Rolling Along

Keeping busy and trying to get out of the studio now and again… Here are a few sets with some new pendants that will land in the indiemade shop today at noon! Have a great weekend!