April 27, 2012

Bead Star 2012

I sort of knew but had put it to the back of my mind that the Bead Star 2012 entries were coming up. But then the lovely Jessica reminded me! She is working on a great coffee design. I had two that could go in either metal or ceramics. I think I may have switched them. I forgot to read the requirements and my computer is going super slow so I may get disqualified for entering the wrong category! Well... for better or worse... here they are! (fingers crossed)

If you haven't entered... scamper over and enter! www.beadingdaily.com

April 23, 2012

Leapt Before I Looked

Sometimes I get so excited about a pendant design that I just jump in with both feet, listing various color combinations that I am sure will be just fantastic if I ever get around to trying them! I have had several hand painted options available for my Lotus pendant but only had 2 of them realized and photographed....

Until today! Yay to getting that checked off my to do list!

 Spring Lotus
Fire Lotus 
 Autumn Lotus
 Dream Lotus
Moon Lotus

April 21, 2012

Summer? Fired Up!

Well.... We went from thunder and lightning and cold to 100. Can't we ever just easy into a season?

A few weeks ago we invested in a gently used Cress Kiln. It needed a few minor repairs that Robert was kind enough to do. We are not sure how old the elements are so I did a test firing with a few open heart bowls. Everything looked good so I fired a full load yesterday and I'm sitting on my hands, waiting to open it! This is our second Cress in the same model and it has taken me a while to get used to loading a round shaped kiln. The boxy Amaco kiln is much easier for me to figure out for stacking and spacing. Live and learn...

Here are the small bowls/dishes that came out. Only one out of the 10 fired had a crack but that was because I accidentally folded some air into the clay! Doh.

April 11, 2012


Have you been swallowed by the tax monster like I have?! I have been in a blogless stupor for the last few weeks and trying to get a package off to Lima Beads. Here are a few of the new items that will see there way to there.... 

 Twister beads in "warm", "cool", and "rainbow" themes!
 Chocolate Bunny sets.
 Earthy Rainbow sets.
 Sugar Skull sets.
 Sky's the Limit sets.

There are a few others on their way too! What has been keeping you busy?

P.S. Have a great evening!