August 30, 2009

Shout out!

Happy Sunday! I got an email from Donna of Pixel Mischief letting me know she had made the "See" lantern necklace that was featured in Step By Step Wire Jewelry! She did an amazing job and I was so happy see my little pendant on her blog! She does amazing digital graphic design which is making me want to get crafty today! House work be darned!

August 28, 2009


The Fall issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry has not one but two Day of the Dead Queen necklaces featured! I have to say their magazine doesn't disappoint! There are so many lovely projects featured! I was loving a necklace that featured copper elements made from everyday hardware copper pipe! So clever and chic!

August 25, 2009


WHEW! It has been quite a week! There is just so much to do before school starts and as much as I am enjoying summer with the kids, it does feel like it is time to get back to that other routine. I've been working my fingers to nubs getting ready for a trunk show at DreamStone Beads Lot's of buttons and Day of the Dead pieces will be mailed out soon! The trunk show is next weekend August 29th and 30th so I'll be rushing to the post office soon! FIRE FASTER KILN!! If you are in their area, stop in to say hello! Have a great Tuesday!

August 18, 2009

Bead Sale! And GIVEAWAY!!!

Please join me in celebrating "Back to School" with a sale! Send in an order form with your bead order, email or phone in your order to us and take 20% off of your retail order or 10% off of your wholesale order! This sale is on pendant and bead orders placed from August 18th, 2009 to September 1st 2009!

Help us spread the word! Mention us and our sale on your blog by September 1st, 2009 and you will be entered to win a "Frame" connector similar the heart one shown! Just put a link to your blog in the comments! 2 winners will be chosen! Thanks! Gaea

I'm in mermaid heaven!

A few weeks ago I won a pirate's booty of mermaid fun from Green Girl Studios and they arrived last week and I AM DYING to play with them all! The copper piece is so special and has finger prints on the back! LOVE IT! They are all so special I'm just beside myself! Green Girls Studio is having these giveaways to launch Cynthia Thornton's new book Enchanted Adornments (out Nov. 1st! Goody!) Go and pre-order now! Thanks again to Lorelei for hosting their giveaway! Lorelei will be hosting another one soon! So jump on it!

This is the necklace I made and have been wearing nonstop!

August 14, 2009

Simply beautiful... Oranges, Poranges!

So many things are keeping us busy as the summer ends and school begins. I've been running around doing our daily tasks and barely noticed these beautiful flowers growing in an old pot on the front porch. I've not watered in about a million years and yet here they are, end of summer, beautiful....

Mulder is the friendliest cat. And loud. A loud friendly cat. Gotta love him!

August 12, 2009

My big girl...

She is turning 4! I can't believe how time is flying! It feels like we just brought her home from the hospital! Noli made this card for her birthday invitation and I just love it! Kid art is so pure and full of joy. I did very little direction with her on this. I asked what she wanted to have on her invitation and she said "People dancing around a cake Mama!" So I had her draw a pencil sketch. She even made corrections to her pencil drawing. After that I had her go over the pencil lines with a thin marker to make the lines standout. We then made a photo copy of the original so she could watercolor it. It would be pretty cool as a cake decoration but she is pretty determined to have a hello kitty cake!

August 11, 2009

New Dream...

Just more glazed goodies. The robins egg on brick glaze is so rich and lovely! I'm itching to play with the new kiln. Did I mention it has a kiln sitter? Very useful!

August 10, 2009


Is that even a word? I like it. Un-naked. They are covered with glaze and ready for the world!

August 9, 2009

They aren't naked anymore!

They have glaze on them! Yay! Lizzy is quite a cutie with something on her! We had quite a weekend....

My poor old kiln is hanging tough but I've had my eye out for a used kiln. I had 3 excellent kilns pass me by on craigslist and I was getting pretty pissy! Finally a listing popped up and I pounced! I am the proud new owner of an older (but excellent condition) Cress kiln! She's a beauty and totally worth the 75 mile trek! Saturday found us at my son's TaeKwonDo testing. We'll see by Tuesday if he passed. Today was a beautiful birthday party for our beautiful 9 year old friend Naomi. The kids needed a day with friends and exploring. I did too. Have a great Sunday!

August 6, 2009

Old friends... Garden Goddess

In an attempt to fill my spot at the Made In Ojai shop to the gills, I found an old design for a wall hanging that should be pretty with a silky cord tied on. They are not the wall pockets I'd wanted to make but they could become wall pockets in the future. I think a wall pocket would go over well at the shop, especially if they are filled with the beautiful bunches of dried lavender flowers that are around the shop! I really do love a fun wall pocket! Wall pocket! Wall pocket! Wall pocket! Say that 3 times fast! Tee hee! It's a silly day...

Ok Cookie... This one's for you!

August 5, 2009


This is Lizzy. She doesn't need bows or flowers, just a few good bugs...

August 4, 2009

Blog Award.

Thanks to Beth at Hint for sharing an opportunity to share...

The rules of the award:

Mention the blogger that awarded this to you.
Name 5 things you love.
Choose 10 blogs to receive this award.

5 things I love...

My kids.
My husband.
A great cup of coffee.

If they would be interested in participating, I pass this award on to:
The Permanent Record
Andrew Thornton
Marie Dodd
Tesori Trovati

August 3, 2009

My evil plot is working! And a fixed heart!

Whaaa haa HAAAA! Can you hear my evil laugh? That's me laughing about the evil plot I had to make my son miss school! I made this evil laugh yesterday when my son turned to me and said, "Mom, I miss school. I can't wait to go back!" So my plan for a hot boring vacation to make school look far more appealing is working! Too bad it will wear off on the second day of school. My not so evil plot for a few new pendants is working too. I managed to fix the "dreamer" heart. I love the wideness of the heart and the little tear in the banner. I think the hand writting is much more fun too. My kiln is loaded and on! I was up until 1 am but am glad it got done. I am a few days behind. Are you surprised? Me either. How is the new music playlist going over? It was inspired by my childhood favorites. These songs take me back in time. I should have called it "Gaea's Time Machine"!

OH! And how freaking cool is this! I'd entered the first of several giveaways hosted by Lorelei for the launch of the "Enchanted Adornments" book by Cynthia Thornton and guess who won! I was jumping up and down like a deranged 3 year old resisting the urge to yell "MINE! MINE! MINE!" How do I love their beads? Let me count...

August 1, 2009


It's is all about the hearts. And dreams. Maybe I should combine the heart with the butterfly. OH! A heart with a butterfly with a dream banner! Ok. More Hearts.... The ideas like to tickle me when I have serious work to do! Tee hee!

Happy August!