March 27, 2015

Cats In Hats! A Book Review...

I really don't think anything is cuter than a cat dressed up in a costume so I find the book "Cats In Hats" utterly adorable and sweet. Of course I can't help letting my mind wander to what the photo shoot was like. In my mind, more than a few bandaids were involved. I would like to think that Sweetie Pie, Oni, and Pyewacket would love to wear little hats, tipping them at one another slightly as they passed each other in the hall. Browsing through this book I love how sweet and sometimes witty each project is. Although I've never crocheted or knitted, I could tell by the instructions in "Cats In Hats" that I could most likely complete a project. I could also see how these sweet hats could be adapted for other materials. Now,hold still kitty, kitty, kitty… 

My gang

 Sweetie Pie

If you want to follow along, here are some other blogs participating as well as a way to enter the publishers raffle!

By Sara Thomas  

AUTHOR KICKOFF: 3/16 Scooter Knits

A chance to win something fun...

This contest will run from 3/16 to 3/30 @ 12 AM EST. We will give away ONE prize pack that includes a copy of the book, an EXCLUSIVE hat pattern from Sara Thomas, and the yarn necessary to complete the pattern. FIVE runners up will receive a copy of the book. Winners will be contacted by email and must notify us within 48 hours of the notification email with address and acceptance. Please note that winners can be from the US only. 

March 20, 2015

New designs...

It has been a crazy busy time in the studio. I have been obsessed with shape and form and how the glazes play with each other. Each bead has a different design on each side so it is sort of like getting two beads for one!

These designs are headed for today at noon (PST).

March 7, 2015

Join My Tribe!

New mid century and tribal inspired designs! I can't say how much fun it was to make these. I have a huge collection of mid century fabrics that make me so happy and are so inspiring! Something about that time period calls to me…

You can see these beads at now.