April 30, 2010

April has been a beauty...

If May can match her it will be a doozy! These wild flowers jumped out in front of me one day. They just about grabbed the camera away from me and had their way with it!


Are you kidding me?


Can you imagine anything more vibrant?
My eyes are burning! 

April 28, 2010

Poor little esty shop...

I've been woefully neglectful of my etsy shop and been re-listing sold items instead of adding new and fun designs, so I decided to take the time and have been busy addinh some freshness to the ol' etsy! Here are a few new listings...

What have you listed lately?

April 27, 2010


 I believe in the beauty and wonder of the universe. What ever faith you may be, we all live under the same sky and walk on the same earth. I find many religious symbols to be beautiful and fascinating but as I am not of any specific faith, I've had mixed feelings about offering these items on my web site. Having had many requests for pendants depicting objects of faith, I usually create them as custom orders for special customers. Their popularity is growing, and will be offering them on my web site. I have to say that the special request crosses came out particularly well... I guess I'll just have to have a little faith...

April 26, 2010

What a weekend!

The Earth Day event was lovely and the weather couldn't have been better! My dear friend and booth partner, Yvonne, dipped her toe into the world of festivals and events. Her parasols were divine and I could have easily spent all my money on them! She decorated the booth with them, hanging them from the celling! They added such whimsy to my display! Quite frankly, I was a bit annoyed when someone wanted to buy one that was clearly mine! 

Yvonne, mother and model!

Here is a pic of my display with her juicy parasols as part of the set up!

I love the way these earrings turned out!

Mermaid scale earrings...

I guess I made a lot of earrings!

April 23, 2010

Getting It Done...

I think I've made some headway!

I have made:
30 pairs of earrings
30 bracelets
25 necklaces
60 50 hair clips
and the cards to go with each!

I still need to...

Sew a table cloth
Clean my travel boxes
Make a check list
Pack the car!

Here are a few of the earrings I made...

P.S. I get to pick up my new banner today! Yah!

April 22, 2010

April 21, 2010

Getting my $%!& together!

The days are quickly counting down until Arbor/Earth Day! I am anxiously awaiting a new banner to be printed by Lynn, a fellow Made In Ojai Artisan! 

There are more things to do than I can wrap my head around and it may just spin off altogether with!

I need to make:
30 pairs of earrings
30 bracelets
25 necklaces
60 hair clips
as well as cards to go with each!



April 20, 2010

It's In The Bag!

I seem to be turning into a bag lady. Actually I've always been one. I must have a lot of baggage! HA HA! There have been some really nice bags lately and some friends my do well to mind their adorable orange Target finds lest they be purloined from under their nose!

Thankfully etsy has many an option to keep a bag crazy girl like me out of trouble!

These two adorable bags are MINE! MINE! MINE! But you can get one too! One is for the awesome new camera my family got me for mothers day. And the other is for my pencils.

I snatched this up at a silent auction! I could be happy with all, er any of the bags they offer! CUTE!
How friggin' cute is this one!!!! And its just the back side of the bag!

I bought an adorable eiffel tower print bag last fall from 
Sommer Designs, but this one would rock my world!

Ahhhh. The cuteness of a cute bag!

April 19, 2010

The one that got away...


This beauty was snatched away from me because children need to be picked up from school. Humpf.
(Jillian of The Noisy Plume smoothed my feathers and assured me there would be more...)

I die.

Arbor/Earth Day Event!

Next Saturday my good friend Yvonne and I will be sharing a booth at the Thousand Oaks Arbor/Earth Day Event! We will be selling jewelry and parasols! Her 9 year old daughter is already quite the blossoming entrepreneur and will join us at our table selling hair clips!

I've been working on earrings this weekend, like the skull and daisy ones in the photo... I hope they find good homes!

Thousand Oaks Arbor Earth Day Saturday, April 24, 2010 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Conejo Creek Park North (23 Fwy and Janss Road behind the Library) Come out and see us!

April 16, 2010

Where Are They? Part 2

Melanie Brown wanted to let me know exactly where my little precious guys and gals have been....

They are now at her etsy shop (thehaunteddoll.etsy.com)

April 13, 2010

Love Shines

This is "Love Shines". And doesn't it? When you have that feeling of love and warmth. It radiates out of you like rays of light. Like when my little ones, for no reason shower me with hugs and kisses. Or when I snuggle with my gassy old mutt and she licks my face in a loving way. When my guy is home at the end of the day. Shine. I like to shine! How about you? What makes your heart shine with love?

April 10, 2010

Where do they go?

Some times I wonder, what happens to the pendants and beads when they leave here packed all snug and sound? What fate are they met with when they arrive at their new home? Are they loved? Are they played with? Are they and their new families happy? I will sometimes come across them, unexpectedly and happily when they have been transformed from simple clay pendants into another's creative dream...

This butterfly fluttered by way of rosemckaydesigns on her etsy shop

Laurel Moon Jewelry created this lovely set....

Live Wire Jewelry caught my eye with this simple and elegant design...

Jewels by Kat made this lovely bracelet...

Lorelei had a great post recently that paired her designs with clothes to inspire...

I found this lovely silk necklace in The Maddison Gallery's etsy shop...

Stefeny Stanyer made this beauty of a necklace...

Giddy Up! A design from Tasha Moon Designs

It was nice to see them again. Travel on....
If I missed you and you would like to be included in a post like this, send me an email! (gaea (at) gaea (dot) cc)

April 8, 2010

What's wrong with her?

I almost caused a scene at the post office yesterday!
And this is why...

I was finishing up some business at the post office counter and decided I couldn't wait to open a package from Andrew Thornton. And as I stood there opening it I literally heard that angelic "whaaaaaaaahhhh" sound and nearly fell over backwards at the beauty that lay inside! So then I went to my friend Joelles house and opened the package for her to see and it made the same magic sound and now rays of light came shooting out of it! Needless to say I'm more than pleased with his bead club! Fab! Thanks, Andrew!

April 7, 2010

Sunshiny Day...

It is a super beautiful day today! Sunshiny day with the bluest, blue sky. It would be a shame to spend it inside on the computer. So I won't!

Here are some earrings that made me feel good! What made you feel good today?

April 5, 2010

Mommy, can I have one! PLEASE!!!!

Have you seen artist Lorena Angulo's work? It is oh so beautiful! And I simply must own one of her pieces! A ring perhaps or some earrings! That would be divine!

April 1, 2010

We will always be April Fool's...

for each other! Happy Anniversary Sweetie! I will always be your fool in love!

The day: April 1st 1990.
The first date: Denny's

Things turned out just fine!

Get Yer Beads! Red hot beads!

And other fun beady items! Beads 2010 is available for pre-order! The issue includes a bracelet project I submitted as well as a few connectors and charms! I'm excited to see what else is in this years issue! The cover looks like a fun treasure trove! I would like to dive in right now!