October 31, 2009

October 30, 2009

What else is new?

These are! These are!!!

This is one of my cigar box displays....

I wish I had more time to deck the boxes out with beads and decoupage! They are really fun that way... Almost Halloween! YAY!

October 29, 2009

New twist... (Lorelei! Spoiler alert!)

These have been available on the website for a year or so but only as charms. I'm now offering them as beads! Yay! The beautiful bracelet was designed by Lorelei as a bracelet trade we did! I love it so! A few of these beads are on their way to her, so look for them in her future designs...

October 25, 2009

I Heart Wallace and Gromit!

If you haven't seen the new Wallace and Gromit feature, jump on it! The folks at Aardman are so good at what they do! And any adventure with Wallace and Gromit is and adventure indeed!

October 19, 2009

Huuuuu. Hoooo. Hhhhhh!

Ojai Day was.... THE HOTEST DAY EVER. EVER. I wanted to cry. I did. Just a little. Not enough to scare people. But, I did. Hot. It was a busy day but markedly less traffic than years past. It was hot. Did I mention the weather was warm. Have we reached the sun yet. I know! I know! But I just can't get over how, well, mind melty it was!!! Joelle, I hope you and the kids were somewhere cool. But I feel like I made so many fun things! It did give me a chance to play with the beads and come up with some fun new bracelets. My good friend Caitriona kept checking in on me to make sure I didn't melt into the pavement and brought me the most wonderous icy cold soda! THANK YOU CAITRIONA! I have to say people have the best ideas about what they want and letting them design al fresco is a hoot! I have to guide the littlest designers as they tend to want one of every thing on a cord for "mom". If I thought mom's back would survive it I'd say what the heck. I love watching the kid play with the beads!

October 18, 2009

3rd Grade Math. WTF!??!??@?!

I'm helping my 3rd grader with his math homework this week, never my strong suit in school, try as I might, and came across a word problem that, SURELY was either a misprint or was intended for a 12th grade advanced placement student. His teacher did tell us that that they were starting out with rediculously hard problems, but I may have thought she was pulling our legs just a bit. This was the problem....

Stella has 6 cousins more than Megan who has 5 cousins and Anne has 3 less cousins than Stella. Bridget has 2 less cousins. How many cousins does Bridget have?

WHAT? WHO is Bridget? I was pretty much with them until Bridget jumped in and ruined everything. The teacher had a hard time explaining this one to me. This is why I like art.

October 11, 2009

Out into the world...

This is a bracelet that I made to trade with Lorelei and I'm super excited to see the one she's made for me! I think there maybe a package from her in my P.O. box but the main office was closed so the notice will have to sit in my P.O. box until tomorrow!

I am gearing up for Ojai Day, which if you happen to be in the Ventura County area next Saturday, come on by and enjoy a fun and free street fair! Loads of music, food, arts, crafts....

I've been bending wire like crazy as I like to let people "build their own jewelry at events like Ojai Day. I set out the pendants and beads and let the customer pull from this or that to create their own jewelry which can then be assembled by me or taken home to do. I also have pre-made jewelry to inspire! This year I'll have loads of budget friendly items like earrings and bracelets.

October 9, 2009

Can you believe it?!

I was making these pots for Joelle and my dearest happened to spy them drying outside and thought "Could these be for me?" Had I realized at the time that 18 years of marriage marked the "ceramic" year, I would have made him a special love pot too! It isn't too late and as we have the supplies, I think we should make each other special love pots! Happy anniversary, my little "love pot"!

Here are how the little pinch pots turned out for Joelle...

This week has been "bananas!" and I'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard! It's been shipping orders, TaeKwonDo testing, anniversary celebrating, homework, meetings for this and meetings for that... prep for Ojai Day (more on that later!) and just general life craziness! I'll be saying it all with photos...

October 2, 2009

Before and after.

These are the same ear wires from earlier this week with tiny ceramic beads and really flashy moonstone that confoundedly would no be photographed to show it's fantastic flash. Maybe I'll try a darker background to photo on next time.

Here are the ear wires from earlier in the week with nothing on them.

October 1, 2009

Pinch me!

Dearest Joelle,
These little pinch pots were a special request and I'm am so glad you asked. These pots let me revisit a form that I'd nearly forgotten, so, thank you! I had much fun making them. I hope they suit their purpose for you and make you happy. There are several others, but you will have to wait to see those! XOXO Gaea

Happy October!