July 23, 2013

Summer Flight - Free Necklace Tutorial

The July Art Bead Scene inspiration art, Portrait of Olga in the Armchair, by Pablo Picasso has a color palate that is simultaneously warm and cool and inspired the color palate for this free photo tutorial.

July 17, 2013

July 11, 2013

Orbit Drops - Photo Earring Tutorial

A few months ago, I had donated a necklace to my child's school for an auction event to support Art Trek. Art Trek is a local program that helps volunteer parents bring art education into the classroom. The winning bid went to a lovely woman who has supported many local families with her wonderful parenting classes. Being one of the lucky parents to benefit from her sage parenting techniques, I was extra pleased she had the highest bid. She loved the necklace so much she asked me to create a pair of earrings...

This necklace featured beads from Humblebeads and myself, as well as garnet, moonstone, iolite and other semi precious beads, all brought together with some lovely brass wire. Here is how I made the earrings....

July 3, 2013

Summer Earrings

Getting my earring kit out I was reminded that being handmade, each earring charm may be slightly different from it's intended mate. Does this bother me? No! In fact I love that they are not perfectly matched in  shape or size! They have character and personality! Two things that handmade goods, in general, should be chock full of! 

What perfectly imperfect project are you working on today?