June 23, 2015

The Winners...

Thanks for the lovely comments and for helping me get the word out about the new goodies! I appreciate the kindness immensely!

Pyewacket wanted to let you know that he appreciates you as well, even though you don't rub his belly often enough…

The winners are….

Please let me know your addresses!

June 17, 2015

1000! It Must Be Time For a GIVEAWAY!!!

So…My 1000th post. A milestone! It isn't always about the words for me. Mostly I like to say things visually. But that is my choice as an artist. With that in mind, here are a few photos of some new designs! And being that this is my 1000th post, it feels only fitting to give something away… More details on that in a moment… First… these…

Summer Lovin'. Suns and love all in one!

Follow the snail trails...

A whale and a boat to dream in…

Please comment and share to win either a snail or a whale bead. I will pick 2 winners 6-23-15 at noon PST. One entry for each share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blog or maritime nautical flag! I'll trust you on that last one! Thanks!

June 5, 2015

999 Apparently.

This, is my 999th blogger post. And time does fly. This was my first post….


Thanks Melanie Brooks for breaking in my first post! Apparently I had time to be very chatty back then. Now, not so much. I like to say it with pictures now.

It's a bit fun to reminisce about the past but this post is mostly about later this afternoon. Noon PST to be exact, when these babies will be set free into the universe…. gaea.indiemade.com

I used these when I had a space at a local art co-op a few years ago. They were perfect for little signs about sales or holding jewelry. These are also my teacher gifts this year. I only have a few of these to add to the shop today but I will be making more and in different shapes… like this whale...

The "curious" bead says "dream" on the back.

This one says "nevermore" on the reverse.