February 27, 2009

Zombie Butterflies...

You heard me. Zombie. Butterflies. That's the newest make believe game my girl came up with. I was pushing her on the swings with another little one and they each had their arms out to "fly". I asked "Are you a little bird?" and my girl says "No! I'm a Zombie Butterfly!" Which totally cracked me up! And then she starts moaning in her mock deep voice "FLAP, FLAP, BUZZ, BUZZ! I FLY GOOD" Killing me! I can hardly push them at this point I'm laughing so hard. Where does she get it? I hope it never leaves. So, now I have a image of a "Zombie Butterfly" stuck in my head. I'm hoping she'll draw a picture for me!

I have submitted my jump ring project and now all I can do is wait. It is hardest part, no? Here is a sneak peak and I LOVE the colors on this...

February 25, 2009

Toooty toot tooooot!

Thats my own horn going off. I think it's broken. The Belle Armoire Spring 2009 issue has a necklace of mine and the issue is sooo pretty! It really is a luxurious magazine. Big beautiful photos and lovely heavy paper! I think I'm addicted to being published. I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to.

I gave some of the jump rings I'm working on a patina like this fantastic green...

And some have this fantastic blue...

Maybe some earrings with the links?

Later I will be making the copper rainbow/red/purple!

February 23, 2009

Jump, Ring! JUMP!

I'm working on a project that involves many, many handmade jump rings so I've been hammering and spiraling wire for two days. And. My. Hands. Are. Tired. I have a dent and a bruise as well as several blisters on my hand and from griping my pliers. Cruddy pliers they are, so today at the Gem Faire I bought a new pair that cut flush and are super sharp. I was on the hunt for turquoise and and found several lovely strands. When I got home I noticed that one of the vendors over charged me by $20. UGH! I hate when I'm distracted while shopping. My budget wasn't very big and I brought a list which I stuck to. I even bundled up a few beads to bring with me for color reference. The heater must have been jacked up to 11, because by the time I left I was dehydrated and had the worst headache. Several Tylenol and much juice later and I can finally appreciate what I came home with!

I also did some internet shopping this week with my projects in mind and got this F'n fantastic heart pendant from Zoa Art! It. Is. Beautiful!!!! This one is all for me. If only I could find the time to make myself something with it!

February 18, 2009

Jewelry Exchange: Thank you!

I know. Feel free to slap me on the back of the hand. Bad blogger. Bad. Here is the Jewelry/Exchange piece. Thank you to all of the lovely designers who participated! I would like to auction it for a good cause, but more on that later. Please enjoy the final piece...

Thanks to:

Lorelei Eurto
Joelle Murray
Mary Harding
Jennifer Stumpf
Lynn Davis

I apologize if I've left anyone out (feel free to let us know who you are)!

February 16, 2009


So. Let me know if the music is too much and I'll switch the settings!

Go and see it!

I mean Coraline, of course! It is sooooo good! I wanted to see it again right after seeing it. And see it in 3D! It was so super fantastic! Even my 3 year old was loving it! She didn't love the Land Of The Lost preview so much though. But, we did. So. Go. Now. See!

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

These are just so cute! Ok. I'm a bit biased. But really! Little wooden hearts! Well, ceramic hearts that look like wood! All right. I'll settle down. Seriously! With some real wooden beads or sea glass?!?!? I've been away from the design board for too long! MUST MAKE JEWELRY!

We are off to see Coraline! Please enjoy this song (not the video I was looking for but oh well.) This Outkast song just kills me! Better get your good shoes on!

February 13, 2009


OK. Firing. Done. Rain. Stopped. Snow? On the mountains! It looked close enough to touch! The CHP had our mountain HWY closed so all we could do is look from afar. Bummer!

But I did get the spring issue of Stringing in the mail this afternoon! And Congrats to Lorelei who has three necklaces featured! Go Lorelei! And Heather Powers who's necklace is featured on the cover. And, well, congrats to me! I'm on the cover of STRINGING!!!!! It's the most awesome thing ever!!! What do you mean it's not there? Yes it is. No. Look a little harder. I'll wait while you get your glasses on. I'll sing the cheerful "Waiting Song" while we wait. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

See it?

Can you see it now?

See! It's me! Or rather the Leaf Goddess! On. The. Cover. I know. I'm a geek!

Actually it is featured on Lorelei's beautiful necklace (Thank you Lorelei!) right next to Heather Wynn's beautiful pendant. I do have a pair of earrings and a bracelet inside! I keep good company.

Ok. Enjoy this song. I do.


February 12, 2009

The Winners!

For the One World, One Heart giveaway drum roll please.....

via the Random integer generator... #8, SueBeads and #13, Bethel of Bethania! Congratulations! Please send your snail mail address to me at gaeac(at)yahoo(dot)com!

February 9, 2009

Finding a new love.

It was a great weekend. A balance of work and fun. Both of my kids schools had book fairs at Barnes and Noble. The really exciting thing for me, and this was my hope, was that my 7 year old would find something that sparked his interest in reading. It is so important to read. He loves to have a book read to him but has not discovered the joy of ready on his own. I am really pleased to say that as we were exiting the children's section I saw his eyes light up as he rushed over to get a closer look at a stack of books. The series is called "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" and he is loving it. We help him with the tougher words but he is entertained and enjoying the read. He's already on page 28 and keeps saying "MOM! This is fun! I like reading!"

The glaze has been running at full speed and even with a cold I'm moving along nicely. I had hoped to be loaded and fired up by Sunday but Monday will have to do. Such is life. The newest piece will join the Love Wish hearts. It is a wood grain heart with a little knot of wood. I think Pink Ice on Tan will look great with this one! Maybe a good name would be "Love Knot". Any thoughts?

February 6, 2009

Old Dogs...

You know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks... I think these old dogs could have some cute and "fetching" (mind the pun) new tricks. Hey! Am I the only one "addicted" to VH1's Celebrity Sober House? I'm just full of them tonight...

This new dog, is well, a dog. I think I have a few new tricks for it though. Robert says it looks like I had a turrets fit all over this necklace... I think he's only a bit right....

I'm not pleased with the chain and actually, contrary to what he thinks, think it needs more dangly bits. Well, we can fight over this until the cows come home. It's his birthday today so he can win. Just this once.

February 2, 2009

Moorice came home...

The little cow pendant named Moorice, is all glazed up and purty! I've been feeling under the weather and have been taking it easy. I got around to making a few project and even finished up the Art/Jewelry piece. Now I just need to take a few photos... The weekend was full of birthday parties and car maladies. Both cars are acting up. I say that like they are capable of making choices. Come to think of it my children were acting up too. And they surely have choices. My big boy decided that, and after staying home sick Thursday and Friday that he should come to the toddler birthday party with his little sister. Um. No. Then Sunday night rolls around and there is not a trace of cooperation from him. "Mom! My arm hurts! I can't go to school! I can't write!" Um. Yah. You can. I'm trying to be sympathetic. Knowing how painful Sunday evenings can be with the dreaded thought of the weekend being over. It must feel ten fold to a 7 year old.... We seemed to feel just fine upon arriving at school and seeing our friends... Ah. To be seven again...