September 19, 2012

Sometimes Life is Too Much.

Recently, there have been a lot of changes and life events for some of my dearest and closest friends. My dearest friend of 30 years has been diagnosed with liver cancer. I know we are all surrounding her with help and love but I feel so helpless for her and her family. We are all pitching in but it never seems like enough.

Another friend (can I say best? It feels like I'm leaving some one out by saying "best" but she really is a gem of a soul) has moved across the country. She will still be my friend and I know we will call often and I know she is doing what is best for herself and of course her family but I am still so sad about it. My selfish logic has hightailed it and is in total denial.

Even the good things feel like too much right now. My little studio is busting with work so I am keeping my hands and mind busy. Good things sometimes don't feel good when you are loaded down with worry...

September 6, 2012

Yellow Is...

Yield. Bananas. Sunshine. Warm. Fall. Pages. Lemon meringue pie. Roses. Golden. Brick road. Dandelions. Butter. Peppers. Post its. Pikachu. Corn Flakes. Popcorn. Peeps. Mello. 

Why did I not love you before my sunny friend?