December 31, 2011

Hello 2012!

It's hard to say goodbye to the old year sometimes. I have a hard time looking forward, but I'm working on it. I don't do resolutions, never stick. I do have a few goals that I would like to accomplish this year. Getting more exercise is always on the list. Taking more time with my family is too. A tidy studio and fresh website are on the list as well this year! It was a challenge to get my finger to actually press the button on the camera to take the picture to capture the state of hell it is actually in! Ah! So conflicted!

Heart: "Go ahead. It will be good for you! It needs to be done."

I'm not quite ready to share that bit of shame....

Sooo.... here are a few things that are much more sane to look at. (I know. I know. You win this time brain.)

What new things are you working on for the new year?


P.S. Thanks to all the lovely comments this year! It made me feel swell!

December 20, 2011

Seasons Greetings - Free Winter Card Garland Tutorial

One of my favorite memories of the holidays was visiting my grandparents in Northern California. My grandma and grandpa moved around quite a bit in their time and had gathered many friends, far and wide. As the family and their circle of friends grew so did the season's greetings they would receive each year. Grandma Betty would hang a wide silk ribbon on each doorway and pin each card up as it arrived. This Season's Greetings Card Garland is in remembrance of those lovely times together. All of the beads used were gathered from around the studio, which makes it great for orphans beads and left overs! This project can be as simple or elaborate as you like!

4 feet heavy stringing wire. (you could also use 22 gauge copper wire in a pinch!)
several hundred loose beads.
1 gingerbread ceramic snowflake
8 to 10 hanging clips (available at Michael's. OH! And checkout the fantastic Michael's coupon app for your smart phone! Coupons with out the clipping!)
15 to 20 art beads
crimp beads

Round nose  pliers
Wire cutters

1. Layout your beads in a pattern with the snowflake pendant in the middle.

2. Loop one end and close with a crimp bead.

3. String beads and add hanging clips at 5 to 6 inch lengths. Make sure to pinch closed the clips hanging ring.
4. Loop end and crimp.
5. Run to the mail box!
6. Hang and enjoy!


Ceramic Beads :

December 19, 2011

Is It Too Early...

I know we are just entering winter, a season I truly adore, but my creative thoughts are turning to the brighter colors of spring. With this busy season, I haven't had much time to list things in my etsy shop but here is a preview of the spring to come....

December 17, 2011

Tis The Season To...

Sit in by the fire with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a few new publications!

It is my dream to let my hands be idle for a moment and just sit and read a few of the new books and magazines that are piling up around the house! Recently, the post office gods smiled on me with a few new books and magazines. The winter issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry showed up and I was so excited to see the projects sent in were featured in this issue! I was inspired by the lovely "Turning Leaves" tutorial from missficklemedia artist Shannon Levart and you can find her tutorials (and beautiful metal work) on her blog

The kissing birds project features a beautiful egg charm from Earthenwood Studios. It's a good egg!

The necklace above was made with a bundle from my etsy shop and an amazing lamp work bead from the lovely Amanda of SeaShoreGlass! It looks like a swirling ocean captured in glass.

Ok! Everyone grab a cup of something warm and a bit of inspiration! Time to refuel the creative fires!

December 14, 2011

Goodbye Kitty.

Moggy was the exact opposite of the sweet cartoon kitty you see in every store. He could be surly and mean if you got in his way or between him and his kibble. He wasn't particularly fond of young children and did not like it if you interrupted a nice nap on your lap for a potty break. He purred loudly and often though and was mostly sweet. We found him abandoned at the Home Depot by an arguing couple who dumped him in the lot. I wasn't sure about bringing this hissing ball of black fur home, but Robert was not leaving with out him. Once at home he would occasionally hiss and screech out of a dark corner and jump onto your legs biting and clawing. "THAT CAT HAS TO GO!!!" I would scream in reply. Robert would calm me down and bring out the band-aids and long pants. Some how he stayed long enough for us to have him fixed which mellowed him considerably. He got to know us and our home and eventually burrowed his way into our hearts. He was large and warm and loved to sit in the sun, even in the summer. We spent 16 years with him and will miss him awfully. Goodbye Moggy.

December 12, 2011

Sweet Clover.

This sweet little set is on it's way to a lovely lady who makes beaded purses. She had sent me a beautiful brown leaf batik fabric sample and ask that I create a whimsical set for her. I think they came out sweet and fun and will pop on the fabric. I just had to share them!

Are you ready for the holidays?

Me? Not completely! Getting there!

December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Caitriona!

Here is why I love my friend Caitriona.... (In no particular order)

Her intelligence and her fantastic Irish accent makes any cursing rant she may go on sound like a song.

If I run to her crying about my latest F&%K up, she has an even more hideously funny tale to tell you about her own F&%K up.

She is tough like steel from having 3 teenage boys but she is sweet and kind through and through.

Her amazing art makes me squeal like a 1st grader high on candy!

Did I mention her fantastic cursing. (I just love that)

Happy Birthday Caitriona!

How amazing is this...

December 5, 2011

Bowled Over...

It seems like the minutes tick by faster and faster to the point where it feels like whole hours have blurred into whole days. This weekend went by with the blink of an eye. I do like to get myself behind schedule...

We had dinner with my mom for her birthday on Friday. Nothing fancy but the visit was good! Pizza and coffee at BJ's Brewery. Saturday was a blur of glazing and decided that I had to just push through and loaded up and fired! Sunday was the Ojai and Beyond Artist Fair (NO "E"!!!) which Roberta made quite clear! It. Was. Cold. I could not feel my feet. It was not a busy day and I think people are not ready to get ready for the holidays but I had a great time catching up with friends. Andre and I chatted about our kids and travel and tried to catch a few warming rays of the sun that crept through the giant oak trees. Kristen and I laughed about how we have become "those people" with our phones! Her love life is looking up!

Sunday was invoice day and we watched Paul. Possibly my favorite alien movie. Can Simon Pegg do wrong? I think not. I may have to call that thing Tom Cruise is in  Mission Simon Pegg. With out him, it means nothing.

I accidentally grabbed the wrong glaze and had a few surprises when I opened the lid this morning...

They aren't what I was expecting. They are wrong in the best possible way!