December 21, 2015

New Sets!

Please join me Tuesday evening (12/22/15) at 5:00 PM (PST) for another destash event! Ask to join the group!

December 20, 2015

December Is...

Are you ready for the holidays? They happen weather we are ready for them or not. I want to make a special gift for a special someone that I haven't been able to make and now that special someone is home for vacation and it is hard to not have the surprise ruined because they are not off at work everyday... I will have to think of something! I have been busy making new things. Actually, my favorite thing about the holidays is getting to carve out a little time to create in ways that I don't normally get to. Like sewing. It is a wonderful way to get creative but my sewing machine is pretty old and on it's last leg. I asked Santa for a new one and I think he got my note, so my fingers are crossed. Hopefully, my littlest one will join me in getting creative with it!

Here are a few things that came out of the last firing of the year...

 Midnight owl
 Funky cabochons
 Rainbow striped gems
 Open heart whale and mermaid dishes
 Sweetie Pie looking nonplussed.
 New pendants 
PM looking sleepy.