August 23, 2013

Join the Party - Pity Party Sale!

Heather Powers and a few other artists and designers are having a Bead Fest Pity Party Sale this weekend. Join in the fun! Use the code PITYPARTY13 for a 15% discount in my etsy shop through Sunday.

Others participating...

Humblebeads - 20% off beads and jewelry

Tesori Trovati - 15% off. 

MoreSkye Jewels - 15% off. 

The Curious Bead Shop - 10% off. 

SongBead - 20% off. 

Second Surf - 20% off.  

Jewellery Quarter - 30% off. 

August 20, 2013

Happy Camper

When I was a kid my dad built a mobile home out of a 1950's school bus. In its building phase, I remember my dad, standing atop of the elevated and exposed flat bed which accentuated his already intimidating 6' 3" frame. At some point, my unfortunately placed tricycle was flattened like a pancake by the back wheels of this giant rolling house. I cried. With mom's curtains in the windows and hand picked tiles on the counters, we traveled in what dad called our "house car" to Arizona, Oregon and Washington. That was the very early 1970's and I have no doubts that we were the hight of hippie chic. Some of my fondest and not so fond memories are of being in that bus. Getting to sleep in the big bed above the cab, roof pulled back to sleep under the stars. Waking up freezing in the winter with out central heating. Being warmed by the vintage potbelly stove. The times spent there as a teen were embarrassing. Why didn't we have a "normal" non moving house? With more privacy? HIPPIES!

When I think about it, we had it good. Not much money but lots of love, friends and adventures. We were happy campers.

August 13, 2013


It has been a really creative past few days....

Sometimes moving from one area of production to another (like moving from making to glazing) throws me for a loop! But moving on is made easier when there are new glazes and designs to look forward to! I orders some new (and I was promised) amazing new glazes. Here a few of the new forms that are looking for a good coating of glaze....

Inspired by summer!

And a few new listings....

These goodies will be listed tomorrow at noop (PST) at

August 6, 2013

A Little Of This....

And a lot of that....

New listings coming up at noon PST (