November 15, 2007

Gobble. Gobble.

Gobble. What is it about the holidays that, for weeks in advance, makes me think that I can have free license with the food? I know there is so much of it out there but I just can't say no. Here is a list of things that have been gobbled by me in recent days: Trader Joe's Ginger Cookies, Trader Joe's Pastry wrapped brie and raspberry jelly rolls, Trader Joe's Confused Chips. Of course all with a good cup o' joe. Tee he hee! This will just keep on rolling until New Years. Dang it! Speaking of Gobbling... We have a family of raccoons living and surviving very nicely on our dog food. I've had to store it in the house for now as they are fond of knocking over everything in the car port to get at it. Above is a photo of one of the little rascals caught in the act. They also like to rumble around on the roof at night. They are not a quite animal.


melanie brooks said...

Oh geez, I hear ya! It is totally gobble time! And Trader Joes is BIG trouble with all their yummy things!

We have had a Racoon trying to get into our chimney again this year. We have 2 chimneys, the fireplace one and an old coal chimney that is just a big hole through the house. They try to get in there. Chuck has to try to smoke them out from teh basement. Not set them on fire! Just make it smoky so they leave. Its so high on the roof to try to put a cap or a gate on it. bleh. Makes the dog crazy... but she would be really mad if they were after her food!

happy thanksgiving!

Gaea said...

Too funny! I love the idea of wild life just outside our door. But dang! They are quite scary! The first time I noticed them I made the mistake of trying to take a picture of them at about 11 pm. The dogs pushed past me barking, scared them off the fence and into the yard! The light wasn't on so all I heard was them screaming and the dogs barking and there is a delay on the motion detector light, so by the time it kicks on they are all headed back at me! All screaming and yelping! It scared the heck out of me and then I had a good laugh! I love Trader Joe's! I couldn't live anywhere that didn't have one! Happy! Happy! Gobble! Gobble!