November 11, 2007

Pack Rat.

It occurred to me today that I am a terrible pack rat. It must run in the family as my father has kept all my drawings from when I was a kid as seen in my last post. I do the same for my kids and can't imagine just getting rid of that precious moment. Is keeping all this stuff for historical reasons or am I just too sentimental to let it go. A bit of both. I also found what has to be, my first beaded necklace. I can clearly remember receiving the heart shaped pendant as a gift from my dad's girlfriend and picking out the tiny pink glass beads (they have since faded to a silvery color) from the local "general" store, a TG & Y. I even remember stringing them on the sewing thread. We lived in a canyon far from our little town and there were no kids around to play with. Entertainment was entirely up to me. Songs sung into an old tape recorder. Walks to the creek for swiming. Making clothes for the family of kittens that lived nearby. But I remember how fun and frustrating stringing the necklace was. The tiny beads eluding the string. I was 6 at the time. Life in a tiny town in the 1970's. Lots of fun to remember and ideas to share with the littleones. The holidays are quickly upon us and with them many opportunities to create... our own history, rituals and many, many things to be packed away for us to share and remember...

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