September 21, 2007

Decaf sucks!

Well, it happened... I'm officially on decaf now! Fine. See if I care. Take it all!

It turns out It was all the caffeine making my heart go wonkie! So I'm on decaf (it only has half the caffeine of regular) and told to get more exercise. Yep, I'm right on that. But no real heart problem so to speak. I'm very relieved in spite of my irritation over the coffee thing. Much worse things could happen. Apparently the more people I talk to, the more people say they have the same thing... ok. Is that acceptable? Are we such creatures of habit or so sleep deprived that we will accept a over-caffinated heart as normal? Maybe we all need a nap and to learn to say "no" once in a while.

A friend of mine asked me to create a necklace and bracelet set incorporating some beads that were from a bracelet from a dear relative who had passed on, wore and cherished. The black hematite beads came from her bracelet. I also used labradorite, garnet and chalcedony beads. She picked the main focal pendant style and color and told me to go wild! It is a really meaningful project for me and I hope she loves it!

We finally have a bit of rain! YAY! A bit of thunder and lightnin' as well! I love weather. I mean REAL weather. I suppose if I had to live through a tornado or hurricane I'd change my tune... try living through earthquakes though. Not fun either...

I've been bouncing a few ideas around it my head. Stay tuned!

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