November 5, 2009

It was like Christmas!

Only better! Because it was all for me and it was yesterday! I do love giving a gift but I also love getting a gift! Yesterday was the mother load of post office days! My box runnith over....

First was this beauty of a ring from Andrew Thornton's sale shop and with it was this original work of art by Andrew! Thank you!

Then there was the round robin jewelry from Tiny Leaves. I was lucky enough to be included in the round robin as Lorelei can't count in the wee hours of the morn! Lucky me!

and then, and then, and then... I'm almost too excited to say it because I've been waiting since June for this to be in my hot little hands.... Enchanted Adornments!!!! And now it is MINE! And it is so exquisite! I'm really looking forward to trying her techniques for my own designs, starting with some PMC love. I may have to wait until the holidays and I've been pretty good this year so I've asked Santa for a rock tumbler and a small hand torch.

So much postal love! So little time!


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Oh, so many goodies! I love and hate the postman. You understand. Andrew's art is the bomb!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am just kicking myself for missing out on Andrew's Big Sale.... I could never get my act together. I just got my Enchanted Adornments book as well and it is one that I have to read from cover to cover. Her ideas that inspiration is everywhere are so essential to my being. I am so delighted by everything in it so far. I too got a special package in the mail yesterday. Hopefully I can share soon! Enjoy the day! Erin

Gaea said...

Ya! Packages! I'm expecting one or two more from etsy this week. Just bargain beads and what not but it is so much fun! So excited about Cynthia's book!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks for participating in the Big Sale. You were awesome to be so patient. I am glad that everything made it out to you okay. One of these days we'll have to trade. I'll make you something really nice. Just let me know what you'd like.

And I'm happy to hear that you like the book. Cynthia put a lot of effort and time into it and I think it shows. The end product really captures the heart and soul and her process and the magic that goes into it.

P.S. I love it when my mailbox runniths over too!

Gaea said...

Hey Andrew! It was all so worth the wait! How's about you make me what you feel like, put a dollar amount on it and I'll send you beads of the same dollar amount. If you have a list of beads you would like let me know. Let me know if that works for you!