May 11, 2013

In and Out of the The Studio

It has been a hectic few weeks and the end of the school year is upon us! With so much to do and little time to do it, I've decided to say it with photos.... Here is what has been going on in life as well as the studio...

It is nice to get outside now and again. There is so much to be inspired by.

New designs on their way. 

A huge "Thanks" to Iris and Bonnie for having me at the The Art Center this month!

Being silly with dear friends and Mouse ears is good for the soul.

The work that got done.


somethingunique said... have been busy...thnks for sharing...I love to see the carving stage process of your cool....xox

Kristin Oppold said...

I love those long tubes!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Your brain is always a going!
LOve everything! Hrmmm I see
something of mine in there...ox