May 19, 2016

Finding Joy

I used to be a painter and an illustrator. Then I found clay. Clay has treated me right and I love it. But I have spent too long without a paint brush in my hand and that had to change. Last year my friend Bridget went to a paint a mermaid birthday party at artists Eco Shumaker's studio and she happened to be wearing a mermaid necklace I made. Eco saw this and wanted one. I had to meet this Eco of the mermaids! Our two worlds were to collide in the best way! Spending time in her studio has been a true gift. I have found my painting joy again!

Thanks goodness for the internet where a busy mom can find online classes to learn new techniques and discover new materials at any hour of the day or night (Who needs sleep)! I came across Juliette Crane's beautiful and whimsical paintings on Instagram and was so excited to find that she has online classes! Juliette's Wild and Free class is a joyous soul hug of new techniques (Hello, layering!) and new materials (Aquabord! My new friend!) Juliette's videos are informative and her voice is so calming and reassuring, that I just find myself watching the videos over and over again. Learning new techniques is fun but it is also uncomfortable to copy another artist designs and style. It is important  for me to try these new ideas using a borrowed voice so I can really learn the materials and techniques and better incorporate them into my own style. Some projects I have tried to follow faithfully along so I can really learn the techniques. And other projects have been easier to incorporate into my own voice. At times, I do feel like I am wearing another artists hat. With that in mind, Here are a few of the class projects as well as a few projects that are in my own voice.

A few pre class paintings and drawings.

Class work paintings and drawings.

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