July 22, 2007

Weekend ends

The weekend is over and we had our share of melt downs. Kids will keep you on your toes and focused on what is important. Mostly them. We had to forgo a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's due to a mean temper tantrum. Several chances were given, none were taken. That is the way it is sometimes. We are learning to use our words and express anger with them and not hit and stomp and kick. It is tough to be a six year old. It is tough to be a 37 year old.

A few ideas made it to paper. A trip to the 99 cent store was enjoyed by all. Found a few kid books, Harry Potter make-your-entire-mouth-blue-gum and batteries. A few beads were made. This months firing is fast approaching and I have many more beads to make. My friend Carol Ann, a wonder gal if ever there was one, did some excellent necklaces and one idea in particular it seems to me needs to be worked out in clay. A great idea of clouds with rain drops is in the works with her blessings to do so.

Here are a few of her fine works... Go C.A., GO!

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