July 7, 2007

Whew! The ride starts again!

This has been a hectic month! Calder turned 6 and had a great birthday party. Wonderful friends and family all around! Loads to plan with that and orders to mail out. We also started swim lessons this week which is FABULOUS in the heat. With all this fun going on I'm not too quick to jump back into bead making. I received an invitation a few months back to submit photos to Lark books for a up coming book that Tonya Davidson is writing titled "Making Ceramic Beads" to be published fall 2008. The deadline was this past Monday and I had spent the better half of two weeks trying various set ups to "professionally" capture the projects I wanted to submit. I really got put my camera through a work out. Thankfully with all that is going on, my love Robert helped me through the new settings and what not. It looks like we got a few good shots. Hopefully one will be good enough for a book. Here are some photos of the new GLAZED Tarot tiles!

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