October 28, 2008

A favorite necklace... Journeys on....

I did this necklace a few months ago. I get happy comments on it all the time. I've been calling it the Journey Necklace. A new friend I met at Ojai Day decided that It would be perfect as gifts for all the girls in her life this holiday season and I'm lucky enough to create Journey Necklaces for them. She gave me information about where they were in their life and what colors and interests they had. It will be fun and challenging to turn her information into art on a string. The Earthenwood Studio blue bird is one of my favorites! And pounding the silver wire is great for stress. I can't wait and will post pics when I'm done!


Lorelei Eurto said...

ooo ooo oooo!
I want one too!
Very cute. Love the bird.
Love the silver loop at the bottom too.

Gaea said...

I just love red cording too! And red shoes! Thanks!