January 7, 2009

What an amazing process!

It is so good to get out into the world and see and do. I sometimes feel a little secluded in my own world. I set of to see my friend Caitriona yesterday and she showed me some basic soldering techniques! Just little rings and a 5 link chain. I was seriously inspired by Lynn Davis and her work (thank you Lynn!) I even got to (giggle, giggle) play with flames! An acetylene torch!!! AHHH! I'm used to playing with heat that is kept safely behind fire brick and metal. It felt dangerous and good at the same time! Forming metal rings and carefully matching up the ends. Dipping them in flux and carefully heating the metal and adding a bit of solder and watching it melt! Sadly I forgot my camera so I'll have to post images when I get the pieces back from being tumbled. We spent a few hours going around in circles trying to figure out her PayPal account and trying to update her with her newly single last name. We decided to just start a new account but in the process of trying to access her old account we must have used her email address and it would not let us start fresh with that address. UHG! So she's going to sort that out so we can add the PayPal shopping cart to her site with Dreamweaver next week! I'm excited for her.

On another aggrivating note, I got a note from some one on the "etsy team" reminding me that I should have no links to outside sites (ie my own website) that also sells goods. Sadly almost all of my items and all of my images have my web address stamped on them. I fixed all of the pages, but really, I am seriously NOT going in and editing all those images. BLAH! So... just a reminder...

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LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Gaea, since you don't have my torch fears, you are lucky to have that process available to you! I just have my safe little butane torch, no big oxygen tank and all that scary stuff! Congrats!