August 25, 2010

A Little Freaked Out.

But in a good way. It is day number two of the new school year and both of my little ones (who insist on rapidly becoming not so little anymore) are both *sob* in school. I am a bag of mixed emotions! I haven't actually cried yet but I know it's coming and will happen at the most inopportune moment like when I'm in line at the grocery and realize I'm shopping alone! I am so proud of them both. Hugging each other and both excited to see who each others teachers will be. Then when I picked them up they couldn't find out enough about what happened with the other in class that first day of school. It was Magnolia's birthday and the first day of school. I was so excited for them and I didn't want to be falling apart on them. And yet here I sit sipping coffee and typing a bit excited to have a moment to think, breathe, go through their out grown toys and clothes without them morning the loss each long forgotten treasure. if you look over an see another parent sobbing while pumping gas, send them a positive though and a knowing look. We've all been there.  I hope all you mommies and daddies are having lovely first days of school!


Alice said...

Oh they grow so fast! A week ago we moved my son into his dorm room and I managed not to cry (in front of him or his roommages-that is). The week before that the oldest daughter went back for her senior year of college, and is already planning to move to the east coast after she graduates. It's killing me! My youngest just started school, and the house is so quiet. A little quiet is good, but not all day.

I'm not sure I will ever get used to this.

Take care, and give your little ones lots of hugs while you still can.

Gaea said...

Thank you Alice! I am welling up for you! And you are right! I am enjoying a little quite! But by noon I'll be looking around going "why is it so quiet!"

Unknown said...

I feel for you Gaea! Ive only seen your daughter in a glimpse of the bubble blowing necklace picture. You have beautiful children and its hard to let go, and see them grow too. We want to bottle up the littleness and the treasures of their little worlds! I would be missing them too! Big huggs ox

Heather Powers said...

I go through the same thing every year, it's hard to get used to the quiet again. But having a schedule and some space to think is nice too. My oldest started 9th grade - it flies by too quickly.

Gaea said...

Thanks Janet! They are such treasures! My camera is busting at the seams with first day photos!

Heather! All I can say is (with my fingers in my ears) Peep! Peep! Peep! Peep! 9th grade!?! I thought kindergarten and 4th grade were scary! High School is a whole other world! Wow! Happy New School Year!