August 28, 2010

She Returns!

Have you seen Nanny McPhee Returns? If you don't have little ones then chances are not. But you should! Not only was it a sweet movie that the whole family could enjoy but I would be as happy as a pig in a pond if someone picked me up and plopped me right in the middle of their super charming farm house permanently, poop and all! It was such a magical and shabby chic farm house and I don't think there was a flower pattern left out! Oh the horror vacui of it all! LOVE IT! Emma Thompson not only stars in but wrote the movie which is awesome! Cute kids, Cute animals! Cute farm house. Nuf said! I was working on some seriously shabby chic beads before I saw the movie and came away with a ton of inspiration!

1 comment:

Alice said...

I saw the first movie and loved it! I can't wait to see this one too.

Soon I'll not have any kids to use as an excuse to see kid movies. I guess I'll have to kidnap a neighbor or one of the nieces.