December 17, 2008

Another step on the "Journey"

A few of the necklaces that were made, I made a total of seven, had crosses on them. I'm not a religious gal and was glad that my "t" worked out well as a cross. The Earthenwood bird charm was perfect for this as I was told that the recipient of this necklace loves turquoise and purple. Me too! It also had moonstone, labradorite (yum), chalcelony (DOUBLE YUM) and ceramic heart and round beads!

I've been working my way up to finishing the Art/Jewelry Exchange necklace... but not before my holiday shipping rolls out this afternoon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

scrumptious colours!
i love the natural leather cord, and the closure.
YAY! the "T" looks very artistic as a cross.