December 3, 2008

More "Feeling The Love"

And today was a package from Andrew Thornton! A wonderful assortment of treats as well as his one of a kind work of art. It has a Daliesque quality that I am loving! Check out Andrews blog it is chock full of fun and amazing places and jewelry. So, a big "thank you!" to Andrew!


Jennifer Stumpf said...

my gosh i've been off the radar way too long. your blog is chock full of goodies! thanks for sharing. it's wonderful to find goodies in your mailbox and not just bills. =)

Gaea said...

Hi Jennifer! It was a boost I sorely needed! A little love in my mailbox!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thank you so much for participating! I just love what you've sent over. I will blog about it as the final stragglers send in their trades.

Thanks again! You're a rock star!