December 5, 2008

Funky Owl Necklace

This necklace has had quite the controversy going. It was made for Joelle, a gift of thanks for just being the great gal that she is. I showed it to my family around the Thanksgiving table and it was almost all out war. Did it look like an owl? Was the design lopsided? Was it kind of long? Tears were shed and voices were raised. Seriously? It's a necklace. I think my family has post traumatic stress disorder over last months elections. Sore losers (insert raspberry here). At any rate, Joelle apparently loves the owl necklace. Nuf said. Goal reached. I got the big wooden daisy bead from Lorelei's bead pod shop on etsy and the oval shaped bead with circles is a ceramic gem from Golem Studio. I die! (Is it too soon to be in total withdrawal over the Rachel Zoe Project?) The owl (or as was debated over Thanksgiving, lion?) and the ceramic daisy are mine. The copper tone big link chain is a favorite that I hadn't gotten to play with yet. Me likey!


Lorelei Eurto said...

Love the brightness of it, the colors all look so great together! I need to use more colorful beads like this in my designs. I tried! But doesn't seem very popular with the peeps.

Gaea said...

Thanks Lorelei! I love your listed necklace! Those colors are totally awesome! Maybe it's not the right season. Looks very springy to me!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

It's an owl, clearly it's an owl - the length is the current trend. You are obviously on top of the fashions! I like it, too.

Joan Tucker said...

Gaea, I cracked up at your family politics over the necklace. Sore losers huh.. lol

I love how you instruct folks as to how to use ceramic pieces through your creations. I have started make necklaces and am having fun with odd combinations etc. Also demonstrating how to use the charms, pendants and beads in true artisan style.

Always enjoy your blog!!!!

Joan Tucker
Off Center Productions

Joelle said...

See, I had no idea that Haterade was considered an appropriate Thanksgiving beverage! I adore my necklace and I love you. xoxoox
p.s. Rachel Zoe just got picked up for season 2!!

Gaea said...

Haterade! Tee hee he! YAY! SEASON 2!!!! I'm all over it!